<![CDATA[Truffel Deal]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/feeds/ Truffel Deal Fri, 10 Jul 2020 13:55:00 +0200 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[]]> paid nearly 3 weeks ago for the large kit and another large hawaian coplandia, have had heard nothing since and no replies to enquiries]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-spiderweb-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> SCAM! 0% psilocybin! No perceived effect with both fresh and dry mushrooms. Not recommended]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/psilocybe-cubensis-mckennaii-paddo-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> Heb niet positief toe te voegen. Heb 2/3 van de 15gram Mexicaanse truffels gegeten. Over 40 minuten begon misselijk te worden en juist over een uur begon ik kotsnijgingen te krijgen . Heb over 65minuten alles moeten overgeven . Het voelde of ik er ziek van begon te voelen . Deze ervaring was nie aan mijn verwachtingen. ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-truffles/budget-truffels-psilocybe-mexicana-.html <![CDATA[]]> order went smoothly, good service, kit is half way through growing and looking good, I will be back for more :)]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> Really good quality for the price, fruited well with large yeilds. I will defiantly be back :)]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/psilocybe-cubensis-mckennaii-paddo-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> Pacote recebido! Em bom estado e Discreto, PT.]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> DGK were great they went above and beyond to help me out and I received my order on time can't wait for fruits ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> Thanks you]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-truffles/budget-truffles-psilocybe-nirvana.html <![CDATA[]]> Good chocolate. Is great ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-truffles/budget-truffles-psilocybe-nirvana.html <![CDATA[]]> Used the nirvana truffles with a friend. We had 15 grams per person. They worked super fast. The visuals were strong and intense. We were having great laughs and a good time! Will use these again next time.]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-truffles/budget-truffles-psilocybe-nirvana.html