<![CDATA[Truffel Deal]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/feeds/ Truffel Deal Sat, 24 Oct 2020 21:53:18 +0200 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[]]> Best harvest ever for first flush 76g :) a beautiful ogre forest :)]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-ogre-boy-mushroom-grow-kit.html <![CDATA[]]> ok]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/cubensis-b-magic-mushroom-grow-kit.html <![CDATA[]]> Kits arrived quickly and mushrooms grew fast. Highly recommended. ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-spiderweb-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> Kit arrived to England after 7 days. After 5 days the mushrooms came up and 4 days later were readdy to harvest. I will defintely be back ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> I got the first copelandia kit 2 months ago that didn't look good I grew it anyway, but quickly saw that it was contaminated, then sent a few pictures and when asked if the kits were already broken, they said they were recently shipped more often had problems with contamination with a batch and that it was probably already broken then I got a new one that made exactly the same impression not good when arriving after 1 week the same mold again then I sent pictures again and my guess again I said that they were already broken when they were shipped, then nobody answered. 1 week only 2 minutes after I gave a bad Google rating, but unfortunately I got the 3 kit again, batch 26, although I asked for a new one and now after 1 week again rotten mold I got 1 kit from Avalon for comparison and the first mushrooms are already coming and the ones from the next level are moldy uab now reported to the customer service again but no answer so far and the kits have been taken out of the program Greetings Simon]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> This was my first attempt to grow shrooms. Just followed the guide amd it was very easy. 100% happy with everything! I guess there is a legend that growimg copelandia is not that easy. Now i know in this way it is easy and am thankful for this. You made it look easy! ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-ogre-boy-mushroom-grow-kit.html <![CDATA[]]> I am so happy i started to grow them. I really don’t understand why people go for the mexicans. I don’t have to eat so many and everything is mush;)mush cleaner. ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-spiderweb-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> Totally worth it! Customer service 10/10! In the hot summer contamination maybe higher, but they replaced it. Am really gratefull u do this ]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> the order was good, but the grow kit isn´t filter sealed, they just punched holes in the top of the plastic box. as a result, 3 days later i already have contamination in the middle of the cake. i´m an experienced grower and have a sterile environment to work in. since there is no contamination insurance, sadly wasted money. maybe will give it another try in winter.]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html <![CDATA[]]> the order wasn´t as smooth but the team resolved all the questions quickly. 5 stars for the service. sadly the container wasn´t filter sealed. they just punched holes in the top of the plastic for the airflow. as one would expect 3 days later contamination started from the middle of the cake. i´m a quite experienced grower and have a sterile environment to work in. but as shop policy says - no insurance on contamination, so sadly wasted money for me. two stars for now, maybe will try again in winter.]]> https://dutchgrowkits.com/en/magic-mushroom-growkits/copelandia-hawaiian-treasure-mushroom-kweeksets.html