Copelandia Ogre Boy Mushroom Grow Kit 45,00 € Magic Mushroom Growkits View larger
Copelandia Ogre Boy Mushroom Grow Kit 45,00 € Magic Mushroom Growkits

Copelandia Ogre Boy Mushroom Grow Kit

This strain of Copelandia mushrooms is named after the place where it was first discovered centuries ago. It produces a very visual trip with a low body load. The Hawaiian Treasure mushrooms tend to grow individually rather than in clusters and can produce some very large specimens.

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Copelandia Ogre Boy Mushroom Growkit

The Ogre Boy strain was the first Copelandia strain isolated by Jimmy Kroonenburg. Although the stems are thin, the Ogre Boy strain produces large quantities of potent Copelandia mushrooms. When harvesting this strain be sure not to remove too much of the top soil layer. The mushrooms can also be harvested by using scissors and cutting at the base. Like all the other Copelandia Strains the Ogre Boy strain is extremely visual and produces the signature "kaleidoscope vision" of the Copelandia Species.

About the Copelandia Mushrooms

The Copelandia Mushroom (Panaeolus Cyanescens or Copelandia Cyanescens) is one of the most potent mushrooms in the world. Thought to have Asian origin, it is suspected to have been brought by livestock from the Philippines to Hawaii in 1800’s. This is why it is sometimes referred to as the Hawaiian Mushroom.

Where they Grow

Hawaii is not the only place where you can find Copelandia Cyanescens magic mushrooms! They also grow in Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and the USA. This little mushrooms likes to grow on manure, but can also be found in grassy areas if manure has been freshly applied. 


Cap: 2 - 4.5 cm width, smooth surface, brown, fading to yellow-brown or buff, thin flesh.
Bruising: Blue-green or Blue.
Body: : 3-6 cm tall, 3-6 mm thick, smooth to silky.

Grow kit contents

• Grow Kit
• Top Soil
• Paper Clip
• Humidity Bag

You will also need

• Spray Bottle
• Clean area to use the grow kit (a clean table)


• Disinfectant for hands
• Heat Mat for temperature less than 22°C or 71.6°F

Ideal Temperature

23-26°C or 73.4-78.8°F


Follow the grow kit guide step by step (2 different versions)

We have two different types of Mushroom Grow Kits. This is the manual for Mushroom Grow Kit type 1. Using the number on the box you can see which grow kit type you received. Follow the manual carefully step by step and have a lot of patience. Have a lot of fun growing!

Grow Kit guide.jpg

Grow Kit guide 2.jpg


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Reviews (3)

Dec 7, 2020
Nice customer service Fast shipping Best shop so far, been through 4 so far These yielded very little for me, 6-7 dry grams for the biggest kit - is that normal? But they're still very potent and makes up for it with the special heritage, potency etc.

Oct 15, 2020
Best harvest ever for first flush 76g :) a beautiful ogre forest :)

Aug 15, 2020
This was my first attempt to grow shrooms. Just followed the guide amd it was very easy. 100% happy with everything! I guess there is a legend that growimg copelandia is not that easy. Now i know in this way it is easy and am thankful for this. You made it look easy!
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