Heating Mat - 2 sizes 13,50 € Home View larger
Heating Mat - 2 sizes 13,50 € Home
  • Heating Mat - 2 sizes 13,50 € Home
  • Heating Mat - 2 sizes 13,50 € Home

Heating Mat - 2 sizes

Heatingmat for your Magic Mushroom Growkits. Grow your beloved mushrooms even in the winter! 2 Different sizes. Large (15x28cm) and Medium (14x15cm)

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When do you use the heat mat?

When you set up the grow kit to start growing, the temperature should be between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. So if you use the heating mat you ensure that the grow kit has a constant optimum temperature, making it possible to grow all year round.

It is important when you use the heating mat to do this the right way!
If the temperature of the environment in which the grow kit is located is lower than 20 degrees, we recommend using our heating mat. It is then important that there is a space of approximately 1 cm between the heating mat and the bottom of the grow kit so that the warm airflow can be spread, which ensures optimum growth of the mushrooms.
You can use for example 2 pieces of wood to create the space in between.

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